Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Greasy Five: Colorado Food Moments

When I was a tow-headed lad, I learned to write on a Big Chief Tablet. I remember hunching over my tablet with a pencil in hand as I carefully formed my first written words. This process amazed me. In fact, it still amazes me. I don't take the ability to write for granted. I still view it as a miraculous act.

Yesterday as I wrote post for my family blog about purchasing school supplies and my daughter starting kindergarten I learned that Big Chief Tablets are no longer produced.

I'm saddened by this. The demise of Big Chief Tablets makes me feel old, so today I'm out to reclaim my youth by imagining that I'm scrawling the following list in a brand new Big Chief Tablet:

Five 2009 Favorite Colorado Food Moments

  • Breakfast at Snooze in Denver. My wife ordered the pancake flight, a plate with a sample of each of the following pancakes: carrot cake, Reese's, and peach & crystallized ginger. I enjoyed a spruced-up French toast called Strawberry Shortcake Goes to Paris.
  • Eating a Rocky Ford Cantaloupe. My grandfather swore that these melons grown in Arkansas River Valley of Colorado were superior to all other melons, so I try to purchase these melons whenever I spot them. After sampling this melon, I realize grandfather was correct in his assessment. For those in Lawrence, Checker's has the Rocky Ford Melons in stock.
youth is served,


Jenni said...

I bet they decided that Big Chief writing tablets were somehow politically incorrect. As for me, I hated the feel of those early writing tablets and couldn't wait for the slick ruled paper the other kids had.

That sounds like a serious breakfast y'all had at Snooze! I'm trying to understand your wife's breakfast, though. Did she have carrot cake pancakes, Reese's pancakes, and the peach pancakes--a sampling of each? Please say that wasn't all mixed together into one pancake!

muddywaters said...

I liked the grainy look and feel of the Big Chief paper. It's probably not the best paper for writing with a pen. It would bleed too much.

My wife had an individual sample of each pancake. I'm glad you asked for clarification.

Jessica Knorr said...

I am saddened by a lot of things no longer being produced that seemed to disappear over night! I remember the writing tablets and I always loved to write in them too. I guess with all the new techno gadgets who needs paper? Again I'm saddened.......I need my paper fix. :)

High Plains Drifters said...

Rocky Ford cantaloupes are going for 3 pounds for a buck right now. Zebb can eat a whole melon in one sitting.