Thursday, December 9, 2010

Beans for Breakfast

Earlier this week I ate red beans and rice baptized with a healthy dose of Tabasco for breakfast. I decided that this is the ultimate cold weather breakfast, and it's something might work into my regular breakfast routine.

However, as I happily ate my beans for breakfast, the following Johnny Cash lyrics echoed in my head:

"Beans for Breakfast"

I couldn't hear you for the TV, I didn't know you said goodbye
I saw your cancelled check for the airfare, didn't know flyin' got too high
Beans for breakfast once again, hard to eat 'em from the can.

I've run out of clean utensils, I'm a hungry nasty lonesome man
I heard the crows outside my window, guess it's me they're talkin' about
The fire you lit has burnt to cinders, every good things fizzled out
Beans for beakfast once again, hard to eat 'em from the can.

Wish you'd come back and wash the dishes, I'm a hungry nasty lonesome man
Caught a cold with the window open, crow droppings o my window sill
Probably got histoplasmosis, got no gun or I would kill them crows
Beans for breakfast once again, hard to eat 'em from the can.

Plastic forks are a dime a dozen I'm a hungry nasty lonesome man
Finally made it to the mailbox, felt so bad I thought I'd die
All I got was a bill from my doctor, well I guess flyin' ain't so high
Bean for breakfast once again, hard to eat 'em from the can.

Blue tick mattress cold and greasy, I'm a hungry nasty lonesome man
The house burned down from the fire that I built, in your closet by mistake
After I took all them pills, but I got out safe in my duck head overalls
Beans for breakfast once again, I'm a hungry nasty lonesome man.

I thought about how eating beans could be viewed as a desperate act and how food is more than food and how there will never be another Johnny Cash. Despite this, I still enjoyed eating my beans for breakfast.

What's your favorite unconventional breakfast?

don't build a fire in a closet by mistake,


holybovine said...

With that heartfelt plea of "Wish you'd come back and wash the dishes...", I'm sure this songwriter will be eating beans for breakfast for a long, long time.

I don't know how unconventional it is, but I enjoy hot, cooked rice with cinnamon, sugar and milk for breakfast. That's about as crazy as I get.

Nella said...

Cold pizza with a glass of milk. I've eaten that for breakfast since I was a kid. I still love it. N

High Plains Drifters said...

When I was stationed in Germany, one of my Army buddies had this grand plan for life that he was following to a T. It involved basically saving every cent he could during his Army years, so that when he returned to civilian life he'd have a decent pile for grad school. Part of this plan was to eat as simply as possible, so the only food he had in his kitchen was the following:

— beer
— rice
— maple syrup
— hot sauce

For breakfast, he had rice with maple syrup. For lunch and dinner, rice with hot sauce.

He realized of course that he was looking at a vitamin deficiency here, so whenever he'd hit a happy hour, he'd load up on the garnish.

He made it work. Big time investment banker out east.

High Plains Drifters said...

Happy New Year. May 2011 be everything you want it to be, and more.