Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Best Fortune EVER!!

In my youth I cracked open fortune cookies with an exuberance that is now reserved for beer, bourbon, bacon, and beans. My enthusiasm was rooted in the hope that the factory-generated fortunes would materialize, and we all know the folly in this thinking. After awhile I started leaving my fortune cookies untouched.

Last week I received a fortune that rekindled my enthusiasm for fortune cookies. The fortune read:

It is better to have beans and bacon in peace than cake and ale in fear.

I realize it's more wisdom than fortune, but I need this sort of Jujitsu (I know I'm mixing my Asian cultures) for the soul.

I look forward to allowing more fortunes into my life.

wherever you go, go with a full heart,

PS: I wish I could get a job writing fortunes.

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HPD said...

still can't tell if i'm a town mouse or a country mouse. depends on the day of the week, i s'pose.