Thursday, June 2, 2011

Famers' Market Treasures: Onions from ?????

I had no intention of buying onions at the farmers' market on Saturday, but the smelled lured me. Most people would describe the wild, pungent odor as unappealing, but the scent of onions reminds me of earth and my childhood. A time when my hair was bleached blonde because I didn't come inside until the street lights glowed. A time when I tugged wild onions from the dirt and that earthly scent covered me head to toe and I didn't mind what others thought of that. I'm reminded of a time when I measured the productivity of a day by the dirt ring that remained in the tub after a bath.

forever young,

ps. . . I don't remember the name of the farmer I purchased the onions from, but I will find out and update that info.

The onions contributed to a wonderful stir-fry.


Anonymous said...

Farmers markets here are just starting, really don't get going until July.

But I'm hooked on Rancho Liborio, a Hispanic grocery that has produce in these Costco-sized bins. They always carry these onions that are a cross between a green onion / spring onion and a traditional white onion. Sort of like yours, but white.

My favorite smell is a dog's paws after a walk in the grass.

Anonymous said...