Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I love reading restaurant menus.  If they published a book of restaurant menus, I would buy it.  I love browsing menus seeking unexpected, unconventional delights that might be camouflaged in the culinary landscape.  On bbq menus, I sometimes bypass the usual suspects, briskets, ribs, pulled pork, chicken, and look for something out of the ordinary.  This weekend I embarked on an impromptu KC bbq tour with some friends looking for something different.

At BB's Lawnside BBQ, we found:

A barbecue Sundae and a side of boudin balls.  This was OK.  It wasn't as good as the smoked catfish, which I loved and am currently looking to smoke at home.

I may have found my favorite BBQ dish in all of Kansas City at Jack Stack Barbecue in Martin City.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing The Crown Prime Beef Ribs.  Please excuse the bit of cheesy corn - one of two sides dishes that comes with the Crown Prime Beef - I dribbled on the rib.  Don't let the $30 dollar price tag scare you away from the dish.  Find two friends and each of you can enjoy a rib.  I guarantee you won't go way hungry.  This single rib looks like something that would tip over Fred Flintstones car at the drive-in.  It's juicy, succulent, and give you a concentrated beef flavor.  Take the best brisket you've ever enjoyed and multiply it by ten, this is the flavor of this dish.  Beef ribs might be my new benchmark for quality BBQ.  Order beef ribs, if you can find them.

Keep the sauce on the side,

PS. . . You should be able to order single ribs on every menu.

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