Thursday, September 10, 2009

What Would Thoreau Do?

I talk a good game, but I don't always walk the talk. For example, in the kitchen I express a disdain for gadgets and gizmos. Why clutter up the kitchen with new gadgets when I probably already have a tool in the kitchen that will do the job? I mean, why buy a garlic mincer when a sharp chef's knife will get the job done?

Blah. . . Blah. . . Blah. . .

This is the talk, but to be honest I'm drawn to kitchen gadgets.

Exhibit A:

This weekend my daughter and I saw the following product advertised:

By the end of the commercial, we were both wide-eyed and eager to order this amazing product that would make our lives better. However, Mr. Crankypants talked me out of such rashness. It's a piece of junk, eventual clutter, and garage sale fodder. What's wrong with you? You and five-year-old picky eater got snared by the gimmickery of this product. That should tell you something right there!

Exhibit B:

Two weeks ago I was at the home of the man who is known by some as The Oracle. I mentioned my plan to experiment with different popcorn flavors. The Oracle's wife told me that I needed a Whirley Pop. Then she pulled out the Whirley Pop, and insisted that I take it home and give it a whirl.

I've been using the Whirley Pop, and now I'm convinced that I need one in my kitchen.

Are you a sucker for gadgets? What's your favorite? What's your most useless gizmo?

Simplify, simplify, simplify!


Jenni said...

I admit that I am a sucker for gadgets. That brownie pan wouldn't have tempted me, though I do have to be careful not to watch infomercials, and you should see my cake pan collection. No, what really tempts me is the commercial grade (and sized) kitchen equipment. When I was in high school, I had an after school and summer job in a commercial kitchen where I got to use Hobart mixers, meat slicers, walk in freezers and refrigerators, warmer cabinets, giant ranges, and mammoth dishwashers that I shoved racks of dishes through. The slightest glimpse of stainless steel kitchen equipment gets me grunting like Tim Taylor. How I'd love to have a Hobart mixer that would whip up ginormous batches of buttercream, but it's probably a good thing I can neither afford one or find the space to put it.

JoAnna said...

I have the Whirly Pop (probably the generic version of it) and it's the best for making Kettle Corn.

My favorite is probably my Chopper from Pampered Chef - I've had that thing for about 7 years and it still is in good condition, very sharp and takes care of rough chopping for me. I love my microplane too.

The most worthless tool was the tomato slicer that basically just smooshed tomatoes. The tool that I had the highest hopes for was my mezzaluna. Maybe it's just not sharp enough - but it couldn't slice over-cooked noodles!

Old Settler's Days in Olathe this weekend - if you still have room for fair food. Grange Pups and Walking Tacos - here I come!

Ruth said...

I have a Whirly Pop I would be willing to donate to your daughter.

Nella said...

I have so many I just love: mandoline, micro plane, and a pizza cutter just to name a few.

My most disliked gadget was a garlic press. It wasted far more than what was used. A knife works the best.