Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Before my daughter fell under the spell of Zac Efron and the music of High School Musical, she was content with the music on my Ipod. From the backseat, she'd request Dwight Yoakam or Johnny Cash or "Liquored Up and Laquered Down" by Southern Culture on the Skids.

(Southern Culture on the Skids)

The song "Liquored Up and Laquered Down" is a paean to big hair, booze, and white trash culture, but all this is lost on my daughter. She simply likes the song's danceable beat, sing-a-long lyrics, and vibrant mariachi horns.

The band's website contains recipes that showcase some of the culinary gems of trailer park cuisine. Incluced is the following drink recipe:

The NASCARita.

  • One part Tequila

  • Two parts Mountain Dew


  • Put it in a big ol' cup, forget the salt.

  • If you want a frozen one, hit the 7-11 and get plain Slurpee ice first, then mix equal parts Slurpee, Dew & tequila.

Also known as the White Trash Margarita.

Here's a video for "liquored Up and Laquered Down" that uses clips froma movie called Sordid Lives. I'm not familiar with the move, but contains cross dressers, bars, Southern drawls, and Beau Bridges, so it's right up my alley. Enjoy.


Jenni said...

I'd never heard it before now, but that's a great song. It reminds me a little of Confederate Railroad's "Trashy Women", which is also a great song. My kids were little when it was first being played on the radio, and they knew all the words. It's a great family sing along.

Judging from the look on dh's face as he gazed at the video over my shoulder, we won't be renting that movie any time soon. I thought it was pretty hilarious, but cross dressers make him squeamish.

I don't think I am brave enough to try the NASCARita, but I have tried vodka and strawberry soda before in a desperate attempt to mix drinks with few ingredients on hand. I drank the whole thing before I realized that it tasted familiar because the flavor was almost identical to cough syrup.

Rechelle said...

Do you like the Foghorn String Band? They are kinda bluegrassy - but they are great.

JoAnna said...

OK - I really enjoyed the song and MUST WATCH THE MOVIE! Also - the old guy was Karen's neighbor and nemesis from Will & Grace, that one chick was the mom in Slingblade who's boyfriend was Dwight Yoakum and best friends with John Ritter (could make great biscuits too) and was that Delta Burke? Thanks for pointing me in the direction of what can only be greatness.

Also - I've heard your daughter sing some Johnny Cash - this is just a phase... :)

muddywaters said...

JoAnna- Thanks for the lowdown. Also, Olivia Newton John is in the mix. You can't go wrong with ONJ.