Monday, June 7, 2010

Matzo Ain't Nothing But a Cracker

Over at The 12th Man Training Table, they used a Mark Bittman recipe to make crackers. This reminded me that I have a man crush on Mr. Bittman, and this inspired me to list my top-five man crushes in the comments of that post. Crushes often lead to irrational actions.

Are these crackers worth making? I guess, it's OK to allow Keebler to do my cracker baking. However, I do like the idea of knowing what's going into my food. It's also nice to get in touch with the craft of creating something so simple. There's art in small things like making a cracker, and I'm better off baking crackers than trying to recreate the Sistine Chapel ceiling in my garage using dryer lint as my medium. Although there's value in doing that too.

Anyway I was also reminded of Mr. Bittman's recipe for Olive Oil Matzo, which I tried this spring, so consider this post spring cleaning.

What small thing do you do well?

keep it crunchy,


Jenni said...

While we were in California, two of our friennds took me to Cafe Gratitude which specializes in raw foods (vegan). I tried a bit of my friend's raw pizza and also a raw cracker. It sounds awful, but it was really quite tasty. They make both by putting the ingredients through a food processor, spreading them thin on silicon sheets, and dehydrating them. I bought their cookbook which includes both recipes, but now I have to buy a food processor and a dehydrator in order to make them. I'm looking forward to trying some of the recipes this summer, though.

12th Man Training Table said...

I'm really good at washing things that really shouldn't go into the dishwasher, like so-called dishwasher-safe non-stick pans and nice knives. Does that count, or is that just rationalizing my anal-retentiveness?