Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Reading Beer

I'll read anything. If the printed word is in front me, I read it.

Exhibit A:

Even though I have no interest in golf, I recently flipped through an issue of Golf Digest because it was the only reading material in the doctor's office. Despite my lack of interest in golf, I still enjoyed reading the magazine.

Exhibit B:

I love reading beer bottle labels. If brewers knew how much joy I derived from merely reading their labels, they could get away with charging me much more for their beer.

A few weeks ago, this label on a bottle of Shinerbock 101 rejuvenated my interest in beer.
I like the simplicity of it. Four ingredients. In a world of where polysyllabic ingredients dominate most processed foods, it's refreshing to enjoy something simple. Barley, hops, yeast, and water. That's it.

The next few weeks I plan on drinking and reading this gallery of beers:

I'm especially looking forward to Rogue Brewery's Chipotle Ale. It's simply malt, hops, water, peppers, and yeast. I wonder what a Pacman Yeast is.

What your favorite beer to read or drink?

sippin' and readin'


12th Man Training Table said...

Without a doubt, anything from Oskar Blues.

Their Dale's Pale Ale reads, "a voluminously hopped mutha."

The top of an Old Chub says, "It's like Sputnik."

Then there are their names themselves. Gubna Imperial Ale, and Ten Fidy. There are at least three theories as to the meaning of Ten Fidy, and the folks at Oskar Blue claim all three are true!

But my all time fave is the label my brother designed for a batch of his homebrew. He called it Tio Pepe's Cerveza, and the logo claimed it was "a fiesta in a bottle." Sounds good to me.


Jane said...

My favorite beer will always be Boulevard Wheat. My husband was recently introduced to a beer which has quickly become his favorite. It's called Gordon from the Oskar Blues Brewery in Colorado. It is a bit pricey, hard to find, and only comes in cans, but he LOVES it. Their cans are pretty funny to read, too. :)

Jenni said...

Happy reading Muddy! A friend introduced us to Blue Moon beer, and while I really like that, I prefer the Honey Moon. I'm not much of a beer drinker, but those are two I really enjoy.

Nella said...

OK, I am now going to read the beer labels. I've been reading wine labels, cereal boxes, Silk cartons, and year old magazines longer than I care to share. Thanks for the good read. N

12th Man Training Table said...

Is the second photo really from your house? That's a nice little collection. We rarely have more than 2 different kinds ... until we rewire the basement and get a second fridge down there. Have a great weekend!

Oh my goodness ... the word verification is an actual word this time! Had to happen sooner or later.

momOluluandmolls said...

Hey Muddy...I know a certain Mike Minor that has approx. 12 boxes of empty beer cans dating back to the 50s & 60s. I haven't read any of them (even though I can guarantee they are probably extremely amusing)...I just keep moving them from house to house!!! We want to sell them...any ideas???

12th Man Training Table said...

Okay, went a little crazy ... in the fridge right now: Odell's Easy Street Wheat, 90 Shilling, and St Lupulin's; Avery White Rasca and Karma Alel; Ska Brewing Modus Hoperandi; Breckenridge Avalanche; and a couple of Schlitz left over from the box M got for her dad.


Karma: Here's to being good.

Modus Hoperandi: Lip up, Fatty.

St Lupulin's: You, too, will believe.