Thursday, November 18, 2010

In Praise of Small Gifts

I'm blessed to have exchange students from Russia and Germany in my classroom. Both are intelligent, talented, personable, and have a lust for life. Needless to say, they make our school a better place, and they're constantly inspiring me.

These students are probably growing tired of me asking questions about the food of their countries. However, they patiently answer my culinary questions.

Last week the student from Germany received a care package from home, and the student gave me this:

A gift like this isn't received lightly. It meant a lot to me that this girl who is over 4,500 miles from home and who probably craved the tastes of home unselfishly offered me one of her chocolate bars.

I took the chocolate bar home and shared with my family because a gift like this should always be shared. Plus food tastes better when it's shared. After tasting the chocolate bar we agreed that it was better than a Hershey bar. The Milka bar was creamier than it's American counterparts.

This experience reminded me that a small gift can make an individual's day, so during the next few days I will bestow small gifts to unsuspecting individuals. I'll be like a much smaller scale Oprah. In future posts, I will document this little social experiment.

take care,

PS . . . I plan on posting an interview with each of the exchange students. Look for it in the near future.


Jenni said...

Doesn't something like that just make your whole day? My blog bud Kaytabug sent me a little German care package a few weeks ago. I'd left a comment on her blog about stollen a while back, and she remembered. It was totally unexpected. The only thing better is turning around and doing the same for someone else.

Do you have an Aldi nearby? They often have German chocolates (some are good, some are not) and other goodies. Their marzipan stollen is so good! World Market is another good place to go for treats from around the world.

I missed doing a big pumpkin bread giveaway again this year, but you (and your exchange student) have inspired me to think about other little ways to make someone's day.

High Plains Drifters said...

Milka ... tied for first place with Ritter Sport in my book. A Milka bar with a cappuccino is the best ski-day mid-afternoon snack. Cheers!