Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Entertaining MInus Bacon, Beer, and Beans

While I'm somewhat skilled in the kitchen, I'm not the best at cooking for guests. I can't really be counted on to plan a balanced menu. I rely too much on the 3 B's: bacon, beer, and beans, These ingredients are fine fare for ruffians, bushwhackers, and secondary characters in a Clint Eastwood western, but these primordial ingredients aren't always suitable for company. When we entertain, I often hand the reins over to my wife who is a fine cook and quite crafty. The following are snapshots of some of her work from a small Halloween party we hosted:


PS. . . There was a little beer at the party and beans in the chili. You can't really entertain without at least one of the three B's.

I'd expand the three b's to the five b's: bacon, beer, beans, bbq, and bourbon.


Jenni said...

Yes, I think you really do need to add the BBQ and bourbon to round it out. Now, when hosting a Halloween crowd, it's also important to remember the 3 Bs: bodies, brains, and blood. Your wife did a great job with the food and decorations! Very cute and clever!

High Plains Drifters said...

Wives ... always following the instructions and using recipes ... but they do bring some class and decorum to what would otherwise be an unruly and possibly unsanitary affair.

Nella said...

I, too, love those 5 B's. They make life so much more tasty!

Loved the Halloween goodies your wife did. I have joked to my husband, over the last 39 years, that I also need a wife!