Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sausage in Wilson, Kansas

Most out-of-staters see Kansas via I-70, and the interstate is no way view a state. To appreciate any state, it's best to leave the interstate and explore. The next time you're out on the highway and you're looking for adventure, visit Wilson, KS. There in the Czech Capitol of Kansas you'll find two of my favorite things in the world: kolache and sausage. As soon as you step inside the downtown grocery store and the scent of wood smoke working it's magic on the store's sausages hits you, you'll know the two-mile detour off the interestate was worth it. Load up on sausage, it's the type of treat that can physically and spiritually sustain you all the way to the west coast.

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Anonymous said...

Jim Harrison wrote about crossing Nebraska on a certain road that wasn't I- 80. Said to do it right, you needed a Plymouth Fury or similar monstrosity, had to do it in the middle of summer, windows down, AM radio only. And you could eat three meals a day at truck stops and feel like a king.

I'm finding I'm at a weird age. The things I read that mean the most to me are not old enough to be classics and therefor cataloged somewhere, but old enough that there's no digital footprint, no way to find the out of print book or article.