Monday, February 11, 2008


After a few months of dangling my feet in the blogging waters, I’ve decided to dive in head first. In this first entry, I set out to compose some grand mission statement for my blog, but I quickly realized that I don’t have a clear vision for my blog. Even though this goes against my nature of planning out the details of my life, I’m OK with the rambling nature of this blog. The identity of The Greasy Skillet will gradually evolve, and I’m excited about seeing it materialize.

However, I have a few initial goals for my blog.

  • This blog will be an escape from the daily grind of life, and it will be a celebration of everything that makes life worth living - food, family, friends, music, travel, and anything else that catches my fancy. Sometimes we lose ourselves in the bills we have to pay and the deadlines we have to meet, so this blog will give me the opportunity to live more unconventionally and reclaim my life.

  • This blog will be an ongoing expression of my gratitude for the many gifts I’ve been bestowed in this life.

  • I will write at least four entries per week. Writing is rarely easy for me. It’s like trying to drive a nail with a jagged stone, but I’ve reached the realization that I’m happier when I’m writing – even if it’s done poorly. There will be entries where my writing soars and other entries where it plods along making little progress, but either way, I’ll be heading towards my destination. This blog will be an outlet for my writing, and I hope to gradually gain an audience. Having an audience brings my writing full circle.

  • I will have fun.

    I’m looking forward to this process, and I hope you join me for the journey.

    Take care,

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