Thursday, February 14, 2008

lunch wagon

Even though I love my job, like most people I have days where I consider switching professions. During the past month, I’ve been tempted on the drive home with the following sight:

While most men dream of owning sports cars, boats, big trucks, or a motorcycles, I dream of cooking over a Viking range, upgrading to an industrial-sized Hobart mixer, or owning a lunch wagon/catering truck. I guess I’m just wired a little bit differently.
As you can see, the price is reasonable:

This $3,000 purchase would also allow me to live out my childhood, Smokey and the Bandit fueled fantasy of owning a vehicle with decorative decals. If I could just add “T” tops to the lunch wagon, I would be living my dream.

1 comment:

Nella said...

I have been reading your blogs from the start. Depending on your age, we could be siblings separated at birth OR you could be my long lost son I never knew I had. Pretty funny when another person shares the same dream of a food wagon. Freaky deaky.