Friday, May 2, 2008

Horses Waiting to Be Glue Need a Little Sugar Too

I haven't been home the last few evenings to cook, so I haven't posted any recipes. I apologize.

Also we’ve been busy prepping for a family first – hosting a garage sale. While I’ve been known to buy other people's crap, I’ve never been on the purveying end of a garage sale.

To be honest I’ve always enjoyed going to garage sales. There’s something thrilling and intoxicating about driving around and shopping at garage sales. This thrill is tied to the possibility that I might stumble upon some amazing treasure. It’s probably similar to the rush some feel when they visit a casino or purchase a lottery ticket. Only I’m risking very little and my odds are better.

Going through other people's junk is in my blood. When I was a child my grandparents would take me to junkyards and dumps. I know it sounds strange, but I have fond memories of those expeditions. I loved scouring the piles of junk and ultimately finding some treasure. Once in first grade during show and tell, I proudly shared a pair of leather Jesus sandals I salvaged from the dump. My mother still cringes when she thinks about my teacher's shocked expression.

Today I restrain my urge to horde junk, but occasionally I fail. I've been known to sneak out in the cover of night, so I can seize my neighbors' junk that has been placed curbside for trash collection. My wife frowns upon this practice. Occasionally I commandeer something with the intention of creating a work of art like a mosaic or garden sculpture. I do this despite having little artistic ability. I'm a man who believes nothing is disposable and whose vision exceeds his talent.

Keep it real,

PS. . . I've decided to not sell the Cuisinart Ice Cream/Sorbet/Yogurt Maker

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Lacy Jo, Courtney, AnnaMarie said...

T- your amazing, i just wanted to let you know i, along with courtney, but mostly i, look forward to your posts. your a great teacher, check our our post some time, comment, drop a line,see ya in a couple hours (thanks to you and your witch hunt project, i've gotten off track)