Thursday, November 20, 2008

KU vs. NU

Although I could argue that University of Kansas basketball possesses more prestige than University of Nebraska football, I know better than to make that argument in front of my wife. She's a NU grad who would banish me to the couch for making such a claim, so let's steer clear of debates about prestige and tradition. Let's talk food. Who has the better food?

At KU's Allen Field House, you can grab a slice of Pizza Hut pizza:

At NU's Memorial Stadium, you can grab a slice of Valentino's pizza:

In the pizza department, I'd say it is a draw.

At KU you can grab a mediocre BBQ sandwich from Bum Steer BBQ, but at NU you can grab a Runza sandwich, a savory blend of onions, cabbage, and meat wrapped in a pillow of dough.

I give the advantage to NU in the sandwich department.

At KU you get the run of the mill hot dog, but at NU you can get a Fairbury Stadium Dog:
Advantage: NU

At KU you can get Dippin' Dots, a culinary concoction that I don't understand. At NU you can get a fresh waffle cone with a scoop or two of ice cream straight from the campus creamery. Having a great agricultural program has its perks.

Advantage: NU

I think, you can see the direction this is headin'. If you want to enjoy some good food while you watch a game, travel to Lincoln, Nebraska.

What college has the best stadium food? This question begs to be researched.

take care,

PS . . . I still can't wrap my brain around the notion that basketball has started. In my mind it's still football season.


Marilyn said...

Ryan Field (formerly Dyche Stadium), of course! Home to the Northwestern Wildcats and located in my old neighborhood - Evanston, Chicago's North Shore - you can get Chicago hot dogs, cheese-stuffed pretzels and Goose Island Beer. Not much of a team, but a fun, fun scene.

Steve O' said...

Not a college stadium, but Boog's BBQ Pit at Camden Yards is my all time favorite. Worth the trip and putting up with East Coast traffic just for a sandwich.

muddywaters said...

Marilyn: Thanks for the tip. I'll keep it in mind when I do my tour of Big Ten football stadiums.

Goose Island Beer would be a great luxury to have at a game.

If fans wouldn't get rowdy, I'd recommend serving Free State Beer at Jayhawk games.

Steve: I've been to Camden Yards once, and I'm sampled Boog's BBQ. Good stuff. I also like Camden because you can get great crab cakes.

Anonymous said...

Good weekend for mid west football! Kansas and Nebraska both pulled wins out of the hat.