Saturday, November 29, 2008

White Friday

Black Friday was just a blip on the radar in southwest Nebraska.
Instead of standing in a checkout lanes, we made snowballs, and enjoyed
the quiet scenery.

A light blanket of snow and a fridge full of leftovers helped create the perfect day after Thanksgiving.


Anonymous said...

That's exactly how the day after Thanksgiving is to be spent.

SteveO' said...


I've spent time in Alaska, Korea, Canada, upstate New York, the Alps, and all kinds of places known for their winters. I've stood atop the tallest mountain the Lower 48 and the tallest mountain in Germany.

And the coldest I've ever been in my life has been in Nebraska or Kansas. It's not even close. The wind there starts in the Yukon, rolls downhill the whole way, and there's nothing significant to slow it down until it hits the great plains.

Last year my mom, back on the east coast, was telling me how cold it was there. I sent her a picture of Michele's dad, shoveling snow off the roof. Now she's always careful before she complains to me about the weather.

Good to see you got snow, but not so much that it wreaked havoc. Would hate to see you resorting to Donner Party recipes on this site!!

Cheers and bon hiver!

Rebel said...

So beautiful. We're having a white Sunday.