Monday, March 22, 2010

The Greasy Five: Licking My Wounds

After KU's loss to Northern Iowa, I contemplated placing tinfoil on my windows, taking up a drug addiction, and sleeping until summer. However, the following five moments from the past weekend shook me from my malaise:
  • Sharing a wonderful breakfast with my family at Succotash in Kansas City. The apple streusel French toast was killer.
  • Watching K-State advance to the Sweet 16. While seeing this rival advance in the tournament might be salt in the wound for most KU fans, I'm still a proud Kansan, and I plan on supporting the Wildcats through the rest of the tournament. GO WILDCATS!!!
  • Playing in the snow with my daughter. We both enjoyed hurling snowballs at an old oak tree in our backyard.
bringing the funk


Jenni said...

Go Wildcats! Heh, like just because I have a daughter at K-State I care about their team. No sir, not unless my kid is playing on it, but you all enjoy it if that's the sort of thing you're into;o) Just thinking about sports sometimes makes me contemplate all the things in your first sentence. Well, except the drugs. Unless coffee or chocolate count.

I'm glad you found some things to redeem the rest of your week. I knew I'd seen some of Keith Jacobshagen's work somewhere before. It's not a name you'd forget. A quick search shows that it was this painting at WAM: I do like his skies. You can tell he's spent time on the open prairie. Have you seen this? I admit it. I'm a geek who loves to look at lesson plans.

High Plains Drifters said...

Always cool to hear about someone, or better yet, know someone, who can root for the cross-town or intra-state rival. A rare trait these days, in our artificially polarized world.

Read that the odds of picking a perfect March Madness bracket are around 1 : 2^63. I'm into big numbers these days. Eg, you're traveling around 60,000 mph hurling through space right now ... not counting the Hubble Constant and the expansion of our universe.

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