Friday, March 12, 2010

Love for Largehearted Boy

This year I'm trying to limit the time I spend surfing the web. I've found that going down that rabbit hole occupies a lot of time and keeps me from doing something that most people generally deem worthwhile.

However, I continue to visit the site Largehearted Boy on a daily basis. The blog is a collection of links and stories about two of my favorite topics, literature and music. It's worthwhile reading that fuels my creativity and steers me towards books and music I might enjoy.

My favorite feature at Largehearted Boy is titled Book Notes, where writers create and discuss a music playlist that ties into their recently published books. I often file these away, so I have some leads when I'm trolling for music or books. Last year author Laura Groff created a playlist for her book Delicate Edible Birds. She puts a spin on this by including a list of beers to go with each song and chapter of the book. In my world, you can't go wrong with beer. Beer, literature, and music. A great trio.

When you read, what do you like to eat or drink?

feed the brain,


muddywaters said...

I like to savor a Werther's Original when I read or I try to enjoy individual Jelly Belly Jelly Beans.

Iced tea with a little lemon is my drink of choice in the summer, and in the winter I like coffee.

Jenni said...

Coffee all year round for me, unless I'm outside in summer and then I like sweet tea. I'm usually too into what I'm reading to eat, and I'm not coordinated enough to do both well at once, but if there was a bowl of buttered popcorn Jelly Belly jelly beans in front of me, it would be gone in no time. This blog you mentioned sounds wonderful. Heading there now to check it out.

Nella said...

I do not eat anything as I read. I do like to have something to drink. Depending on the season, I like coffee, hot tea, iced tea, or water. I sound rather boring. N

Anonymous said...

Iced coffee, brewed at home with half decaff beans. That is, half the beans are full strength and half are decaff. I mix them together, and no one can tell who was a star-bellied bean and who was a plain-bellied one. They all just get along. Anyway, we try to brew too much at breakfast at least once a week, and then we have extra that goes into the fridge. (If you like your coffee sugared, add it while it's warm, so you don't have to bounce all over creation trying to get the crystals to dissolve in cold coffee.) Then when it's time to sit down, cold leftover coffee with a few cubes of ice and some milk. I get a little tiny coffee pick-me up, but because it was half-decaff to start with, then watered down with ice and milk, it doesn't make my hyper or jittery. Can you tell?!?!?!?

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