Friday, April 23, 2010

The Greasy Five: Essentials for Camping with Ruffians

This weekend I'll be camping near Noel, Missouri, with a crew of whiskey swilling ruffians whose idea of a meal is six courses of meat followed by whatever they chuck into the deep fat fryers. This yearly event is called Man Camp. It's my inaugural participation in this fabled event, and I don't know what to expect.

I've never camped with a group before. Camping has always been a solitary event, where I decompress and commune with nature. I anticipate that Man Camp will be overwhelming for me, so today's Greasy Five consists of things I'll take to help me cope on this outing.

  • Whiskey: This is used for medicinal purposes.

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables: Since a diet of only grease and meat releases Mr. Crankypants from his cage, I'll bring my own little stash of greens

  • Reading Material:

  • Coffee: For this trip, I purchased a new percolator for my camp stove. For me coffee is more important than clean underwear.

  • Notebook: When my camping companions begin to sound their barbaric yawps over the Ozark Mountains and things become a bit unbearable for this introverted soul, I'll take a walk with my notebook and do some writing.

wish me luck,

PS. . . For years, I was led to believe that Man Camp locale was a primitive environment (I guess, actually only the behavior of the participants is primitive), but I now know the truth. This year's outing will be held at the River Ranch Resort. For the record, any place that has miniature golf and delivers pizza to your campsite isn't primitive.


Jenni said...

That does look a bit tame and crowded for my taste, but, judging from the location on the map, you should be in a beautiful area. Jack Daniels and heavy cream in your coffee gets any day off to a better start and is just as good a way to end it. Happy camping!

Anonymous said...

Not sure "man camp" and "miniature golf" can be used in the same sentence!