Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Back-to-School Belly Dance Party

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In Kansas it's typical to the kickoff the school year with something like an ice cream social, watermelon feed, or bbq. However, there are unconventional celebrations out there, especially in Lawrence, Kansas. For example, last week at the grocery story, I spied the following flyer:

This seemed weird. I would never think of kicking off the school year with belly dancing. I'm not very well versed in the art and custom of belly dancing, but I always find it sexual. Chalk this up to my mind being in the gutter most of the time. I must research belly dancing.

When I read the flyer the 2nd time, I was almost persuaded to attend. Who wouldn't want to float across the floor wearing a veil and playing the finger cymbals? Hummus at the Back-to-School Belly Dance Party would have guaranteed my attendance.

What back-to-school traditions do you like?


P.S. I thought about attending and blogging about the event, but I would have been viewed as a pervert with a notebook and camera.

I looked up the definition of Yalla. I guess, it's Arabic for "Come on! Let's go!" I'm surprised the Ramones never used this word in a song.


Jenni said...

Well, it was The Clash who rocked the casbah. I don't think I know enough about The Ramones to understand, so you know what I'll be googling when I leave here.

Last Final Friday, we went to see a belly dancing performance at the school where my SIL takes lessons. They had all kinds of different styles. My favorite was one that resembled the dancing in Bollywood movies. There was one called Asian Pop which featured the same dancer in a Lolita outfit trying to dance like a sexy 10-year-old or something. I have to say that I just don't get those Japanese trends. In fact, I find them pretty disturbing. There was one style called Afro-Urban which featured women in camo pants and combat boots stomping around and mock fighting. I don't think anyone thought that was sexy. I had to hold my breath and bite my lower lip during the whole performance to keep from laughing since I don't think humor is what they were aiming for.

Anonymous said...

At the start

Anonymous said...

Help keep Lawrence weird!

muddywaters said...

I agree; let's keep Lawrence weird. I'm looking forward to the Busker Fest.