Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mama Lou: American Strong Woman

Strong women turn me on. I trace this back to the lovely Lynda Carter and her portrayal of Wonder Woman.
However, Freud might throw around terms like Oedipal when describing my love of strong women, but we won't go there because that just would be disturbing.

Last night I pursued my fascination with strong women by attending American Strong Woman Mama Lou's performance at the Lawrence Busker Festival. She swaggered into Lawrence armed with a wink and a bag of tricks.
She strapped on her gloves.
She effortlessly performed a series of one-armed pull ups. She crushed an apple with her bicep.

She lifted two bags of potatoes with her tongue.
She rolled up a skillet with her lovely bare hands.
She broke chopsticks with her butt.

Are you impressed?

And for her finale, she ripped a Kansas City phonebook in half.
I left wowed and slightly in love. This whimsical guy will be seeking therapy.

keeping it weird in Lawrence,


Jenni said...

Okay, I like that she's strong but doesn't look manly. I love her super high top Chucks. But she broke chopsticks with her butt?!?

Marianne said...

Great photos ~ sorry I missed the festival this year.