Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rock Chalk Backgammon

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Two weeks ago I attended the KU-North Dakota State football game, where I painfully watched Kansas lose 6-3.

At one point I found it more interesting to survey the crowd than to watch the game, and I observed the following:
This couple busted out the ol' backgammon board and decided to play.

This past week the Jayhawks defeated the #15-ranked Georgia Tech in a well-played game; thus banishing any thoughts of me toting a Scrabble board to future KU games.

However, the thought of the couple playing backgammon still makes me happy.

With pictures of graveside peanuts, and backgammon-playing football fans, you might think I'm staging the photos, but I guarantee all is real. It's my nature to keep my eyes peeled for the strange and unusual, and if you do the same, you too can tramp in perpetual joy.

truth is stranger than fiction,

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High Plains Drifters said...

I walked past this the other day, had my arms full of groceries and didn't want to pull out my camera, but i should have.

you've seen the fliers on bulletin boards. kittens or futons for sale, or offering baby sitting or dog walking, or whatever. The top 90% of the page is the ad and explanation, and along the bottom inch they write their contact info over and over, and they cut little snips between each repetition of the number so you can tear one off to take home, to take them up on their offer later.

This guy is selling his car, and he made one of those posters. Only, it was taped to the inside of the passenger side window. So there was no way anyone could rip off the phone number.

Must not have really wanted to sell his car, eh?