Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wheatfield's Pretzel Rolls

I love Wheatfield's Bakery. I'm very stingy with my dining dollars, but I never regret spending my hard-earned cash at Wheatfield's. If you're planning a foodie tour of Lawrence, Kansas, it's an essential stop. I've been eating their baked goods since they opened in 1995, but recently I discovered one item on their menu that flew under my gastronomic radar.

Every Friday, they bake pretzel rolls. You have to get there early because they're usually gone by 2:00 or so.

At $1.25 per roll, they're a little overpriced, but a pretzel junkie like myself is willing to ocasionally indulge.
They're light, fluffy rolls. Of course, they go well with some beer.

The next time you're in Lawrence on a Friday swing by Wheatfield's and pick yourself up an afternoon snack.

these pretzels are making me thirsty,


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Jenni said...

This blog post is makin' me thirsty! Those rolls do sound really good, though.

I think I like George's take on the line. George is the most annoying character (well, Newman is up there), but I keep noticing that I have a little inner George in me. On the outside, I think I would be all Elaine about it, but on the inside, I'd be screaming like George. Then there is the whole worlds colliding thing. That still makes me incredibly anxious.