Sunday, August 10, 2008

Drinks at the Stanley Hotel

(The beautiful view from the historic Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO.)

I apologize for the brief hiatus. I've been busy enjoying Rocky Mountain National Park and time with my family. I did consistently post blog entries on my family's blog in an effort to keep friends and family informed of our adventures, but I neglected The Greasy Skillet. I'll try to redeem myself this week. I do have much to report.

Part of our Estes Park tradition involves visiting the The Stanley Hotel and enjoying a cocktail on the hotel's front porch.

Every year I think long and hard about the drink I'll order. This year I chose to order a mojito, but much to my dismay, the bar informed me that they had no limes. NO LIMES! This still perplexes me. How can a bar have no limes? Anyway, I'm not good about making split-second decisions. It took me two weeks to decide on a mojito, and then I was forced to choose another cocktail without any forethought. What did I do when confronted with this stressful decision? I ordered the Redrum Punch, a pineapple-flavored drink spiked with several types of rum. It should be noted that the drink was inspired by The Shining, and it should also be noted that The Stanley Hotel inspired Stephen King to write The Shining. And this how I ended up on the front porch of The Stanley Hotel sipping on a cocktail that was a palindrone for murder. You never know where life will take you.

What's the kitschiest or cheesiest drink you've ever ordered?

I'm back in the saddle again,

PS. . . I apologize for the somewhat blurry pictures. Earlier in the day, I stumbled face first down a hiking trail, damaging my camera and pride. I'm now back in Kansas, walking on flat ground, and snapping pictures with a new camera.

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