Monday, August 11, 2008

Miyauchi's Snack Bar: The Lemonade Cooler

Sometimes the prod of my wife's demands lead to inspiration. A week ago we were enjoying the beautiful scenery and settling into full vacation mode as we sat at the Grand Lake public docks. My wife decided that the moment would be complete if she had a dish of sherbet or sorbet, so I embarked on a quest to find this treat.

I approached Miyauchi's Snack Bar and quickly realized there was no sherbet or sorbet on the menu. I grew tense because I knew there was a strong possibility that my quest would end in a miserable failure. I could return to the docks empty handed, or even worse, I could return with a treat that missed the mark when it came to satisfying my wife's craving. If this happened, I'd be labeled an incompetent male incapable of satisfying my wife's needs, and somewhere in a string of disparaging insults, I might be called an insensitive jerk. It's tough being a guy. It's one test after another.

I frantically scanned the menu for an appropriate proxy to the sherbt. Fortunately, the last item on the menu, something called a Lemonade Cooler, looked like it could meet my wife's criteria. I The Lemonade Cooler was simply soft serve ice cream mixed with lemonade.

The cashier slid the Lemonade Cooler my way. I took a sip. It possessed the consistency of a milkshake. The sweetness and creaminess of the ice cream offered a nice contrast to the tartness of the lemonade. I strolled towards the docks wearing a triumphant smile. On bended knee, I presented my wife with my snack bar treasure. She frowned when she saw it wasn't sherbet. Then she tasted a treat, and a smile graced her lovely face. I emerged victorious and on that day I brought great glory to males everywhere.

Of course, I had to attempt this recipe at home. Here it is:

  • 1 cup vanilla ice cream
  • 1/2 cup lemonade
  1. Simply place ingredients in a blender and blend until the mixture the consistency of a milkshake.
  2. Serve in a glass with a straw.
NOTE: The Lemonade Cooler is best enjoyed while lounging on a porch or dock.

Life is good,


Tom Aarons said...

Yay! The hunter returns victorious! Doesn't it feel great when you find something new and it makes people happy! :)

rebel said...

I bet you made your wife proud and happy. I can't wait to try one of these. It seems like everyone I have ever met who is from Kansas goes to Grand Lake. Of course just about everyone who lives in MO goes to Tablerock.
I love the way you write.