Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mood Altering Thoughts

I listen to NPR's All Things Considered each day on my drive home from work. Lately the news has dragged me into a puddle of melancholy. I know I have the power to listen to something else, but I want to be an informed citizen. Since I continue to listen, I've developed the following plan to improve my mood and make myself impervious to the bad news.

When I hear each of the following words, I'll think of:

1. Recession = Barbecue
2. Wall Street = Oklahoma Joe's
3. Foreclosure = Cheese
4. Deficit = Pie
5. Ben Bernacki = Grace Kelly
6. Democrat = Butter
7. Republican = Bacon
8. Economic Stimulus = Farmers' Market
9. Sub-Prime Mortgage = Biscuits & Gravy
10. Government Bailout = Drunken noodles

That should do it.

Keep on the sunny side,


Marilyn said...

That is cracking me up, and I'll work on my own uplifting code today in the car. I need it.

Trying to find a contact email for you but I can't, so I'll ask publicly - would you like to do a Tell Simmer? Love to have you over there.

(I believe you moderate comments. If you don't want to print this, just edit the question out)

Just contact me through my Simmer site and let me know. It's fun, or so I hear!

Marianne said...

I still haven't made your Kolach recipe...I wonder what you'll think of when Sarah Palin in mentioned in the news? :)

muddywaters said...

Marianne: I still haven't made the Kolache on my own. Although I did help my mother-in-law make the horn rolls again this summer. This winter I'll try it solo, and I'll be sure to blog about the experience.

Believe it or not, I haven't heard Sarah Palin mentioned a lot on my drive home the past two weeks. It's the economy that has me in a funk. I'm looking forward to the debate this Friday.

Marilyn: Thanks for your comments. I'd love to be part of Tell Simmmer. It looks like I might be the first male particpant, so I'm a bit nervous. I'll contact you soon.

SteveO said...

In non-economic news:

College Football = Runza's
Paul Newman = Bourbon
World Series = green chili burritos (It's a Rockies thing)
Iraq = Saffron and Mint
NCLB = boxed milk

Sarah said...

This is a terrific prescription for dealing with All Things Considered! I, too, love that program (Michele Norris' voice could hypnotize me, I swear!), but lately the news is pretty dour. I'd still rather get my "barbeque," "pie," and "drunken noodle" info from NPR than any of the cable networks.