Monday, October 13, 2008

Got My Mojo Workin'

Last week my blog received a big boost courtesy of a small media blitz. As a result, last week may have been the most rewarding since I've started blogging.

First, I was privileged to be interviewed by Marilyn for the "Tell Simmer" segment over at Simmer Till Done. If you haven't visited Simmer Till Done, do yourself a favor - grab a comfortable chair, pull it up to the computer, and browse her site. Relish her words; savor her pictures. Then get yourself straight to the kitchen and try some of her great recipes. I'm still counting down the days until I can get my hands on some fresh peaches to make her Peach-Pecan Cobbler again. Perhaps, I can adapt this recipe for the great apples that are currently gracing the produce aisle.

Anyway, Simmer Till Done is one of the few sites that I don't merely browse - I read and soak up every word because her writing is like great butter.

My second source of media attention came my high school paper, which kicked off a new feature giving students a look at teachers' lives outside of the classroom. Jenna Phillips interviewed me and wrote a great story about my passion for cooking and blogging. This article resulted in two great experiences.

First, a lady named Esther brought me the following:

Now I've lived long enough to know the following: When a lady named Esther brings me an old Cool Whip container with my name on it, it's a good day. Inside were some great collard greens:

Anytime anyone unexpectedly brings me great food, I'm a happy man.

Then during the passing period between classes, a student approached me and asked, "Have you ever made a risotto?" I was taken aback. Usually when students approach me in the hall, I'm confronted with one of two questions:
  1. Are we doing anything important in class today? - which makes me want to respond, "No, I thought we'd just sit around eating Bon-Bons and watching reruns of Gossip Girl all hour."
  2. May I use the bathroom? - which usually leaves me grumbling something about having a 7-minute passing period.
"Have you ever made a risotto?" This was a first. The student told me that he read the newspaper article and learned that I like to cook. Then he informed that he's currently enrolled in a culinary class that's part of the Vo-Tech program. We were late to our next class because we chatted for about ten minutes about the fine art of making risotto. I now have a stack of cookbooks I'm going to let him borrow. Because of the article and my passion for food, I was able to connect with a student who I'd never really had a conversation with before.

While it's been fun to be in the spotlight, connecting with kindred spirits has been the greatest gift I've been given this past week. I thank everyone who made this happen.

Keep your skillet good and greasy,


Marilyn said...

Like butter! Now that is high praise indeed. Glad you had a wonderful week in the spotlight - I'm sure there are even tastier days ahead.

Nella said...

Well....have you? Nella

Kate said...

Sounds like a good week for a food blogger! I have to say, getting great food in tupperwares from people has to be the ultimate pay off for all the hard work.

Since you mentioned carrot cake, if you have a good recipe I would love to see it up here sometime. It's one of my favorite!

Sarah said...

I love hearing that there are high-schoolers out there learning to cook risotto!

One Toothbrush said...

Add "Monell's" to your list of must-dine-experiences. Nashville, TN. Her biscuits would top the second coming. Seriously.