Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays

May peace be with you and your family this holiday season.



Marilyn said...

Happy Holidays to you and yours, Mike. I missed quite a few posts - but I've just now caught up on all my Greasy Skillet reading. I see you've discovered Daniel Leader, and we have something more in common than blogging - we both love WheatFields brotchen. Throgh my super-secret connections over there, I just might be able to get you a recipe. We'll see. Hope you enjoy wonderful holidays with your family - Marilyn :)

High Plains Drifters said...

May your bread always rise, your soufflés never fall, and the new year full of talking dogs.

Sarah said...

And also with you, Mike! Take care and enjoy the holidays.

muddywaters said...

Marilyn: I really enjoy Daniel Leader. I find his teaching a little more approachable and down to earth than someone like Peter Reinhardt. Reinhardt is good, but he's a bit too technical and scientific for me.

I've ended up with a recipe that isn't quite what Wheatfields turns out, but it's satisfying in its own way.

Steve O: I must confess: I've never made a souffle, but I dream of making a sweet potato souffle.

Sarah: Happy Holidays.

Anonymous said...


Did you catch the Splendid Table this weekend? Had Zoe Francois and Jeff Hertzberg (Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day) on.

Link here:

Just started playing around with The Training Table. Was inspired by the Greasy Skillet, but also in response to my college listserver folks, who said I should start putting this all in one place and stop hitting them with emails whenever I think I have something clever to say. It's quite the work in progress, so please turn a blind eye to formatting problems, typos, and the like.

Cheers, Steve