Monday, December 8, 2008

The Nose Knows

My daughter possesses quite the sniffer. Last week we walked into her daycare center, she took a big sniff, and exclaimed, "Yippee! We're having my favorite breakfast!"

"What would that be," I asked.

"French toast sticks," she responded.

Knowing that she couldn't read the menu board, I asked, "How do you know you're having French toast sticks?"

"I could smell them."

This isn't an isolated story. When the Lawrence Farmers' Market was open on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons I'd swing by, pick up some produce, place it in the trunk, and pickup my daughter. One time I had cantaloupe in the trunk when I arrived.

Sure enough when I got her buckled into her car seat, the sniffing started, and she exclaimed, "I smell something."

"What do you smell?" I asked thinking that she'd never guess the scent.


My daughter's discriminating sniffer has been able to identify the following trunk treasures: strawberries, onions, peaches, Wheatfield's Bakery Ciabatta, fried chicken, and bbq.

When her keen sniffer successfully detects a scent, I think, "That's my girl! You are your father's daughter."

Her keen sniffer doesn't solely focus on food either. This morning as we walked into her daycare, she said, "Daddy, it smells really fresh outside." She nailed it. With morning temperatures in the 40's, the air in Lawrence, Kansas, had an uncharacteristic springtime quality to it. I hope her senses continue to be in tune with the world.

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Rebel said...

This is a good post. I can just see a little girl wrinkling her nose and sniffin'. How cute. I think Lawrence is a pretty town.