Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Beer and Ice Cream

Call me crazy, but I like to keep my beer drinkin' and ice cream eatin' separate. However, everywhere I turn there seems to be a recipe for a stout float, so yesterday I dusted off some music by The Pogues, purchased some Guinness, and pulled the ice cream from the freezer. With a couple of dollops of ice cream and a pour of Guinness, I had myself a float.

It was OK. It was far from being a root beer float, something I enjoy very much. Guinness makes a better companion for a little corned beef and cabbage. I'm glad I tried it though. Now I have a frame of reference I hear someone talking about a stout float.

A couple of good things came out of this experiment: I realized I need to listen to The Pogues more often, and five-year-old little girls like to dance to their music.

Here's a taste: The Pogues performing "If I Should Fall from the Grace of God".


Kate said...

Ha, I didn't know there was such a thing, but one of my beer-loving friends said he wished there were. I'll have to let him know he should try it.

rebel said...

Mmmmm, two of my favorite foods!

High Plains Drifters said...

weird... i'm getting text for this post in my "Following" window but when I click over to here, all I see is the video link.

always loved the story behind the name of that band. and how they could put out sweaty barroom brawling music one second and sweet melodies the next.

High Plains Drifters said...

Ice cream's a strange thing in these parts. A company in Boulder sells 100 flavors, including coffee stout, Jack Daniels, and Boulder Brown Ale. Another company sells only to restaurants and features flaves such as chili lime or tequila.

I like the story about the baseball player whose team was on an extended road trip. They had one day off, and he convinced his teammates to roadtrip 200 miles because he swore this little mom and pop joint there made the best ice cream in the world with lots of interesting flavors. When the bus got there, he was the first one off it, ran up to the counter, and ordered... vanilla.

Maggie said...

I think I'd prefer the Guinness without ice cream too but I see the value in trying it once. Was it vanilla ice cream?