Monday, March 9, 2009


About once a month I make a mistake in the kitchen. Tonight while making spaghetti sauce I added two can of diced tomatoes that were clearly labeled Chili Ready, so our spaghetti sauce possessed a hint of cumin and chili powder. Ten years ago I would have allowed such a blunder to piss me off for the entire evening; now I've learned to just eat my mistakes and move on with life. I'm much happier with this approach.

Here at The Greasy Skillet we enjoy watching CBS Sunday Morning. This past Sunday Steve Hartman shared a piece about an eleven-year-old boy in the Washington D.C. area who used baking as a way to cope with the death of his twin brother. Once again, we're shown that food is more than food. I thought you might enjoy watching this three-minute story:


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rebel said...

There's a local dish around here that's called ChiliMac and it's made like you made your Spaghetti. Our local Steak N Shakes use to have it on their menus. Yum.
Good video, thanks

Kate said...

Ha, I've done that before.