Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Birthday, E!

During the past year my daughter has been growing like kudzu. I tell her that I'm going to make her wear my cast iron skillet as a hat to halt her growth. She laughs, but she doesn't realize I'm not joking. One morning she'll wake up with my greasy skillet strapped to her head.

Today's her 5th birthday, so I'm trying to keep busy because idleness will give me time to reflect, which will lead to an emotional stew, which will lead to tears.

Anyway, life seems to be at a rolling boil when I desire a nice, slow simmer. I guess, blogging is my way of slowing down the hands of time. It's my way of savoring and preserving those precious little moments that seem to get lost in the hustle and bustle of living.

Even though I know better, I had to browse through some old pictures of me with my little girl:

(Our first trip to the library, one of our favorite places in the world)

(Our 1st KU basketball game together)

(This picture was taken during our 3rd Annual Fathers' Day Ice Cream Tour)

She'll always be my little girl.

Happy Birthday, E!



Marianne said...

Happy Birthday, E!

Anonymous said...

Z. was already 20 pounds when we got him, so we missed out on all of that stuff you get to see at the beginning, like his little hand grabbing your finger. Then again, we also missed out on midnight feedings and the perpetual throw-up!

Happy B-day, E!

Jane said...

I was late (as usual!) in getting a card in the mail, so I sent an e-card to your wife's email account yesterday, hoping she could share it with the birthday girl. Please tell her I miss her!!

rebel said...

Happy Birthday E!