Sunday, June 15, 2008

3rd Annual Father's Day Ice Cream Tour

I'm blessed to live in a town that possesses a downtown that pulses with energy. Spending time downtown is like dipping my toes in the fountain of youth; I always feel 10-15 years younger when I stroll down Massachusetts street.

Yesterday my family participated in the 3rd Annual Father's Day Ice Cream Tour, which consisted of strolling along Massachusetts street in downtown Lawrence and eating ice cream at various establishments. I know this sounds like a decadent, unhealthy indulgence, akin to a pub crawl, but it's actually much tamer than it sounds. We simply visited three ice cream shops and as a family shared one scoop at each shop, so during the course of the tour each only eats a meager scoop of ice cream.

This year's tour was special because it was the first year my daughter grasped the concept and tackled it with a Christmas-morning exuberance. She got a kick out of huddling around a bowl of ice cream and sharing it with her family. The following was the itinerary for the 2008 Tour:
  1. At Ben and Jerry's we enjoyed a scoop of Lemonade Sorbet.
  2. At Sylas and Maddy's we dug into a scoop of Birthday Bash, a vanilla ice cream swirled with chocolate cake and sprinkles.
  3. At Sheridan's we shared a Caramel Pretzel Crunch Concrete. This was the first year the tour ventured outside downtown Lawrence.
I enjoyed the Lemonade Sorbet the most. It's inspired me to dust off our Cuisinart ice cream maker and attempt making a sorbet. My daughter prefered the Birthday Bash Ice Cream from Sylas and Maddy's.

Happy Father's Day,

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