Monday, June 30, 2008

The Greasy Five: My Rock Star Demands

A few weeks ago while listening to a podcast of The Splendid Table, I learned a little about Mr. Purple Rain, Prince. In his contract for performing he demands nine pounds of butter backstage. We can only speculate about the use of the butter and my mind doesn't wander down those dark alleys. Prince isn't alone in demanding unusual items backstage. For a thorough rundown of unusual rock-star demands visit The Smoking Gun website.

Reading this list inspired me to compose my own list of rock-star demands for this edition of The Greasy Five. Even though I'm inching towards being 40, it's never too late to prepare for rock stardom. In this reality TV and YouTube age, it seems like anyone can be a star. My list is all about being down to earth while still fitting into my leather, sequined pants.

  1. Ripe avocados: I love guacamole, and often on a Friday evening, it's my supper. This rock star needs his guacamole fix. Also, I'm sure rock stars don't have time to cook on the road, so preparing guacamole on a regular basis will give me that stress relief cooking provides me.
  2. An assorted six pack of microbrew beers from the city or region I'm playing.
  3. A small buffet of regional dishes. If I'm playing Memphis, it might be a BBQ buffet. If I'm playing Miami, it might be seafood or Cuban food. You get the drift.
  4. One pint of Ben and Jerry's Phishfood ice cream and one pint of lemonade sorbet.
  5. A bushel basket of seasonal, locally grown fruit and vegetables.
I realize my list doesn't meet the decadent, excessive standards of a rock star, but if tried to meet those standards, it would just get ugly.

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Sarah said...

That is a terrifying amount of butter! Yikes!

I read your post early this morning and became intrigued with the question of what my five rock star demands would be. After much deliberation, here they are:

1. An assorted six pack of microbrews from the city in which I'm playing (genius!)
2. Goat cheese (and lots of it, people!)
3. Chocolate
4. Black-eyed peas
5. Mangoes