Thursday, July 2, 2009

Overactive Imagination: Muddywaters, Recent Parolee

If I'm ever in prison, and I'm fortunate enough to be paroled, I'll probably spend a lot of time in Haskell Square. It's one-stop shopping for the ex-con looking to claw his way back into society.

There's the parole office.

When I'm a little short on cash and I need to pay the electric bill, I can secure a loan at American Payday LoansI can rent my favorite Hitchcock films at Miracle Video. Maybe they'll have my favorite prison movie, Cool Hand Luke.

I can purchase the occasional six-pack and bottle of tequila at Haskell Liquors.There's a diner to get a meal when I don't feel like cooking.
There's a tavern, where I could grab the occasional drink when I felt like having some company.

Of course, good bbq is essential to any rehabilitative effort.
Finally, there's a Food Mart for my groceries.

Of course, I write jokingly about the plight of the ex-con. I firmly believe everyone should have the opportunity to improve his/her life, and I sincerely want the best for everyone.

For my next Lawrence fieldtrip, I'll visit one of the following destinations:
  1. Kelly's diner
  2. Grandaddy's BBQ
  3. Food Mart
Sorry, you're not going to get me in the Crosstown Tavern, which is also known by some as the Crosstown Gun and Knife Club. When I took the picture of the tavern, I took it from afar because there were some folks on the front patio who looked like they were ready to drag me from my minivan and kick my ass. I'm sure it was just my overactive imagination. They're probably good folks. Anyone thinking of encouraging me to visit the Crosstown, read this.

Anyway, cast your vote, and during the evening of Monday, July 6th, I'll tabulate the votes.

never give up on change,


muddywaters said...

I'm voting for Kelly's Diner, but I'll probably visit Gran-Daddy's. If you're Lawrencian, you probably are familiar with Gran-Daddy's, which has had moved its location more than any restaurant I know.

They first served BBQ under the name St. Louis during the weekends in a butcher shop that was located in the Westlake Shopping Center at 23rd and Louisiana.

Then they served BBQ at Checkers.

Then they moved to the Louisiana Purchase Shopping Center and became Gran-Daddy's.

Then they moved to North Lawrence.

Now they're at the Haskell location.

It's always been my favorite bbq in Lawrence, but I haven't visited the new location.

Amanda said...

I'm going to vote for Kelly's too. My first experience with Gran-Daddy's was when they were in the Checker's parking lot when I was in high school. We used to go down there to get lunch all the time. It was great. Unfortunately, I haven't been to any of their locations since.

Marianne said...

I'm voting for Kelly's Diner too.

Nella said...

BBQ. When in doubt....choose BBQ everytime. N

Rechelle said...

Food Mart because the name... so clever.