Sunday, October 17, 2010


Globe is home to one structure, a stained glass shop. I'm not crazy about stained glass, but after browsing the shop's website, I'd like visit it when it's open. I would like a stained glass collage of my favorite foods or the Kansas state seal.

When I was in high school, Globe was home to a small gas station, and it was rumored that underage drinkers could purchase beer there. I lacked the courage to test this rumor. Considering that I was carded well into my late 20's, this was a wise decision.

Just northeast of Globe is an Atlas Missile silo, a relic from the Cold War Era. In 1983 the ABC movie The Day After and a Nostradamus documentary on PBS filled my head with impending nuclear doom. This rattled me so much that I started losing sleep. Looking back, I was just an anxious kid who often worried about things beyond my control.

To ease my mind, I wrote Senator Nancy Landon Kassebaum expressing my anxiety about being a push of a button away from a nuclear holocaust. Composing this letter taught me that writing can be cathartic.

Shortly after I received a letter from her office that put my mind at ease. If I can find the letter, I'll share it in a future blog post.

North of Globe across the 56 Highway, there used to be a bait shop, but it's closed. I don't fish, but I think, the world needs more bait shops. Cold beer at a reasonable price is a good thing.

East of Globe is a home constructed out of rail cars. I'd rather live in a grain silo or a barn.

They recently moved the depot from Welda, Kansas.

I'm eager to see what they'll do with it.

i hear that train a comin',


PS. . . The picture of the truck makes me want to buy a Red Sovine album. I have a 2cd compilation of trucker songs I need to place on my Ipod.

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Jenni said...

I've always loved the Kansas state seal, and I've thought about recreating it in a mosaic made from broken glass and other things I scavenge from the river banks.

Those apocolyptic 80s movies always bothered me. They didn't frighten me so much as leaving me with an feeling that's hard to describe in words. "Hollow" is the closest thing I can think of. Danny would watch Red Dawn at least once a year if I hadn't banned it from the house.

Man, I'd love to see the inside of that train house! However, I would also prefer a barn or silo house for myself. There's a lot to comment on in this post, but I'll just say I enjoyed the tour of Globe and the surrounding area.