Friday, October 15, 2010

Stoysich's House of Sausage

With apologies to bacon, I've decided that sausage is my favorite meat.

I crowned sausage the King of Meats on a recent trip to Omaha, where I visited the Stoysich House of Sausage. House of Sausage! With almost 40 varieties of sausage, I showed tremendous amount of will power and only purchased two kinds, a Portuguse linguica and a Polish chicken sausage.
The House of Sausage is north of the Immaculate Conception Church. I'm sure a wittier man could crack a joke about the proximity of the two, but I'm not that man.

They also sell European beers and homemade kraut. It's one-stop shopping for Octoberfest.

always travel with a cooler,


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High Plains Drifters said...

Given the choice between the $9.99 mixed grill plate or the $39.99 prime whatever, I'll take the one with more sausage.