Monday, June 8, 2009

Taylor Swift Sends Kansas Some Love

Random Notes:
  • Recently I just discovered a fellow Lawrencian's blog, Jayhawk Girl's Kitchen. I'm always learning something new with her Sunday Shout Outs feature. It's worth checking out. This week she directed my attention to a recent video at It's an interview with Taylor Swift about some of her favorite things, and she gives Kansas some love. In the beginning of the interview, she talks about how much she loves Lawrence, KS. and the University of Kansas, and then about one minute into the interview she tells the interviewer that Kansas is one of her favorite places in the world to visit. It's not often our state receives so much love. However, she ends the interview by telling us that her favorite meal is breakfast at Cracker Barrel, so she loses a little bit of credibility in my book. It's still nice to hear that she loves Kansas and to see that she's sincerely joyful when she talks about her love for our state.
  • I have to confess that I don't know much about Taylor Swift, but I know my students like her music. When it comes to country music, I gravitate towards the old school
  • I've tabulated the votes for this week's field trip destination, and it looks like I'm off to Willie's Bar. I'm not happy with this outcome, but that's what I get for putting a bar on the ballot. Next time I'll know better. I try to visit sometime midweek, and then I'll share my experience with you.
  • My new blog header is done, and I hope to unveil it midweek.
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Amanda said...

Thanks for the mention. You never hear much about people liking Kansas, but to hear it from someone as big (in the current music market) as Taylor Swift, it's a big deal. :-)

muddywaters said...

Amanda: You're right. It's cool to hear Miss Swift mention Kansas. I think, it's also cool that a Kansan won this year's national spelling bee.