Tuesday, June 2, 2009

State of the Blog Mini-Address

I'm just coming off LASIK surgery, so I though I'd share my new visions for The Greasy Skillet in a short post. In the coming weeks, you'll see:

  1. More of the same.
  2. A new blog header. I've actually commissioned an artist to create a new look for the blog. I've viewed some rough sketches, and I'm already impressed.
  3. More pictures and posts about Kansas and my hometown, Lawrence.
  4. More family memories and reflections.
  5. More interaction with my readers. I know, I only have 4-5 readers, but I'd like to let y'all decide the directions I ramble.
  6. Some Mexican cooking. I've armed myself with some books by Diana Kennedy and Rick Bayless, and I'll be experimenting with some authentic Mexican cuisine. Later today, I'm trying my hand at preparing a red chile sauce.
  7. More whole-grain cooking. I've been drooling at the bulk grain bins at The Merc, and I'm ready to stray from meat-centric menus.
take care,


Amanda said...

Hope your recovery goes well. I'll be looking forward to seeing what you do with the whole grains and Mexican cooking. Yum!

Nella said...

Speedy recovery on the eyes. As for meatcentric.....well, actually foodcentric would be more like it. I am looking forward to your new digs here at the Skillet.Your fifth fan. N

Anonymous said...

Awesome. I love to see that you consider your blog direction beyond just a series of posts. Best wishes for your recovery!

JoAnna said...

Hello from your cousin JoAnna! Your mom passed your blog address on to me and I've had a great time reading through your archives. I'm very impressed with your writing and your passion for food. Of course - having one of the best cooks in Kansas as your mom certainly educated you on good food.

My husband and I have recently made some major lifestyle changes. Our diet now consists of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, fish & chicken. We eat no processed food and are having a great time creating new meals. You've inspired me to try some new dishes!

That being said, what are you planning on bringing to the family reunion this weekend? I hope to see you there!