Thursday, January 28, 2010

Don't Mess with Kansas Pt. 1

Some people refer to Kansas as flyover country. I'm fine with this label because that means those folks aren't visiting Kansas, and this means Kansas has fewer assholes than most places. I'm all for fewer assholes.

Now there are assholes in Kansas, but most of them live in the eastern portion of the state, so if you want to decrease your chances of running into an asshole, just head west. By the time you get to Hays, you should be in the clear. I find comfort in this.

Don't mess with Kansas,
Mr. Crankypants


muddywaters said...

Mr. Crankypants,

This wasn't exactly what I wanted out of this post. I wanted something a little more positive, and something that didn't antagonize. He should consider a kinder, gentler approach on your next post.

Remember, we live in a great state. Sell that in your next post.

Jenni said...

Ah, yes, fewer assholes. That is one of the things I love about Kansas right along with fewer people in general. It's a shame you have to go almost to the Colorado border to decrease your chances of running into assholes in Kansas. I've been to that part of the state and there are very few assholes (or other people) indeed.

Amanda said...

Ah, yes, western (and central) Kansas folk can be much less abrasive than those in Johnson County, I agree. But, don't go too far west. . . you won't be in Kansas anymore, Toto! ;-)

Anonymous said...

"By the time you get to Hays, you should be in the clear." There's a country song in that line, for sure.

I will say, the term "flyover country" is not a put-down of the mid-west, but a put-down of the coastal types who assume that there's nothing down there. Yep, nothing at all ... nothing but the bread and meat and side-dishes that everyone puts on their table, that's all. "Flyover country" is mocking the ignorance of those who don't notice such a significant part of this great country, not a put-down of those who live in it. Or, at least, that's how it started. Now it's used both ways.