Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sugar-Tinted Glasses and The Southern Living Kids' Cookbook

For Christmas my daughter received the Southern Living Kids' Cookbook. Last week I gave my daughter some Post-It Notes and had her mark recipes she'd like to try. I did this to foster her love of cooking and to combat her finickiness at the table.

After 30 minutes she had about a dozen recipes marked. They all had one thing in common. Can you guess that one thing from viewing pictures of four of those recipes?

The girl knows what she likes.

Next time I'll make sure she gets a cookbook without any desserts.

keep on the sweet side,



Jenni said...

Hmmm...I think she might like the Friends of the Library cookbook I'm helping put together right now. Most of the recipes that have been submitted are in one of two categories: Cookies and Candy or Desserts. Even the "salads" that have been submitted are not really salads but one of those midwestern specialties known as Jell-O salads. I'm sorry, but 1/2 cup of chopped celery does not make it a salad, and some of them barely have any fruit unless you count the flavor of the Jell-O.

Here's something fun to try with your daughter. Have her pick a country to learn about as a family and plan an evening, meal included around it. There are a few children's series that you can probably find in your library that focus on the cuisine of one country per book. Look in nearby sections to find costume, game, and activity ideas to complete your evening. It's a cheap way to travel that my kids loved. (I would do it now, but these days they roll their eyes at anything that's too much of a production.) I've found some of my own favorite recipes (like the potato cauliflower curry I've featured on my blog) this way.

muddywaters said...

Thanks for the tip. I'd probably enjoy exploring the cultures of different countries about as much as she would.

I shouldn't complain too much about her picky eating. She eats most fruits and vegetables. Last week she decided that she liked butter and potatoes, so we're making headway.

However, last week we also had to deal with the frustration of her unwilling to try scramble eggs again.