Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fabulous Yellow Roman Candles and Guerilla Cooking

The Avett Brothers don't need a microphone and speakers to amplify their passion. They just need time and space. The world needs more passion like this.

I have a feeling that they bring the same energy playing to an empty room that they exhibit on stage performing to an auditorium brimming with fans. The Avett Brothers will play anytime, anywhere.

I admire this.

They 'll play in an office.

They play on a gondola lift in Jackson, Wyoming.

They'll play in a hallway.

They'll raucously perform on a bus.

They'll perform in the backseat of a car while someone feeds them lyrics to a LanghorneSlim song.

This year I resolve to take my cooking to new venues.

I'll start by cooking under the hood of my car. Let me repeat that and give my wife time to groan and roll her eyes.

I'll start by cooking under the hood of my car. Sometime next week, after this arctic blast passes, I'll cook some breakfast potatoes under the hood of my car.

I'll keep you posted.

trampin' the perpetual journey,


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Jenni said...

The NPR guy's comment, "Did you swallow an amplifier?" was too funny. I know there are a million things that can probably go wrong with a live performance, but it seems that too often bands sound nothing live like they do on an album. It's nice when you find a band that can actually perform well live. Even the last two videos where they were kind of goofing off sounded better than a lot of efforts at a serious live performance.

(I may be a little passionate on this point after hearing The Killers slaughter all of their own songs on a live recording CD I got for Christmas. Major disappointment but the thought behind the gift meant a lot to me.)

Danny came upstairs as I was watching the video of them singing in the gondola. He says he's going to grow his beard out until it's like Seth Avett's. I may have to trim it while he's sleeping.