Saturday, February 13, 2010

OKC: The Stockyards

We spent part of this morning at the Oklahoma City Stockyards, where we dined on traditional breakfast fare at Cattlemen's Steakhouse.
We dined at a booth with Gene Autry and Ronald Reagan.I can't fully recommend Cattlemen's Steakhouse, but they did have fantastic biscuits and my wife raved about the breakfast steak.

Later we shopped for western clothing at various shops in the Stockyard District.

I shopped for pastries at Panaderia La Herradura, a Mexican bakery in the Stockyard District. For just under $2.00, I bought three pastries.

Then we left the stockyards and headed to the National Cowboy and Heritage Museum.

More on that later.

keep a sharp edge on your knives,

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