Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It's Good to be a Jayhawk

Our household has been celebrating the big Jayhawk victory. Tomorrow we all go downtown to purchase our National Championship T-Shirts. I'm proud of what the team accomplished this year. In the tournament they did a great job representing the state of Kansas.

A nasty cold kept me from joining the downtown celebration. I felt really puny, so I took some Nyquil before bed. I guess that sometime during the night I got out of bed, and when my wife came downstairs to check on me, I was standing in the kitchen holding a bottle of whiskey. When my wife asked what I was doing, I responded, "I'm not feeling very well, and I thought a few sips of this would help." Then I guess I went to bed.

I don't recall any of this, which is rather disturbing. I think, this is another one of my wife's tale tales constructed to tarnish my good name. If this story is true, it validates my decision to abstain from a night of drunken celebration downtown.

Tomorrow I'll return to discussing food in this blog when I share my Chorizo and Green Chile Taco recipe.

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